Lisa First, Executive Director

Lisa First has an extensive background in dance and strong connections to the field of dance in the United States and abroad. Nationally, she draws from a pool of highly respected dance artists, providing a diverse and talented contingent from the U.S. for the festivals and related projects. These U.S. artists are representatives of different regions as well as different points of view. Additionally, there is an emphasis on involving the local dance community in the city in which Link Vostok is based, currently in Minneapolis and previously in Boston and Los Angeles.

An American citizen, Lisa First has had the opportunity to work in Russia for over twenty years. She is familiar with Russian culture, speaks the language and is very knowledgeable about the Russian dance community. Lisa First has an M.A.L.S. in Dance and Movement Studies from Wesleyan University, Middletown, Connecticut and a B.A. in Dance/Visual Arts from Antioch College, Yellow Springs, Ohio. She has danced for over thirty-five years and performed and choreographed during the fifteen years that she lived in Boston, Massachusetts. She often serves on dance panels in the Twin Cities for the Minneasota State Arts Board, the McKnight Foundation and the Jermila Jerabkova Dance Competition in Prague, the Czech Republic. She is often contacted by U.S. cultural foundations, dance company managers and artistic directors for assistance with East/West information and project development. She also has created an invaluable international advisory board for Link Vostok while visiting Russia and Europe for the purpose of creating dance links with arts administrators and organizations. Lisa is also an AmSAT certified instructor of the Alexander Technique since 1992.

Link Vostok Board of Directors

Katherine Goodale, Board President
Dance Instructor, Cowles Center for Dance

Lori Pope, Treasurer
Finance Manager, Artspace Projects, Inc.

Lisa Helminiak, Secretary
CEO, Azul 7

Yumi Inomata, Board Member
Finance and Office Assistant, Art Midwest

Robert Goodale, M.D., Board Member
Retired Surgeon, University of Minnesota

L.Kelley Lindquist, Board Member
President, Artspace Projects, Inc.

Irene Trofimova-Peterson, Board Member
Structural Engineer, Meyer Borgman Johnson

Link Vostok Advisory Board

Wendy Perron
National Editor, Dance Magazine New York, New York

Till Poehlman
Performer Berlin, Germany

Eva Reblin
Information Specialist, Technische Universität Berlin Berlin, Germany

Daniel Spock
Director of Minnesota History Center Museum

Julie Voigt
Program Administrator, Performing Arts, Walker Arts Center Minneapolis, Minnesota

Irving Zucker
Executive Director, Irving Zucker Arts Management, Arts Administrator Chicago, Illinois