International Festival of Movement and Dance on the Volga

Yaroslavl, Russia

Link Vostok is the sole western organizer and one of the co-founders of the International Festival of Movement and Dance on the Volga in Yaroslavl, Russia. This biennial event has held ten increasingly successful international dance festivals since 1993. It brings together Russian, North American and European artists to engage in creative dialogue and expand and deepen their vision and experience of movement and dance. The festival includes daily performances, intensive workshops, and panels and group discussions on relevant topics such as Cross-Cultural Choreography, Dance Writing and Contemporary Dance Criticism, Contemporary Dance in Russia and Eastern Europe and more. Link Vostok has brought more than 500 western artists from the United States and Europe to participate in the festival.

Mississippi/Volga Dance Festival

Minneapolis, MN

The Mississippi/Volga Dance Festivals connect artists from different countries and professional backgrounds in order to create artistically excellent new work and build audiences for dance. The biennial festival began in 2003. Through the festival, Link Vostok brings international artists to Minnesota to promote relationships that were begun in Russia at the International Festival of Movement and Dance on the Volga. The Mississippi/Volga Dance Festivals give Minnesota artists the opportunity to expand their work through choreographic collaborations, performances and workshops with international artists. These exchanges are instrumental in fomenting deeper cross-cultural relationships, both professional and personal.

Under the auspices of the Mississippi/Volga International Dance Festival and the Central European Dance Exchange, 65 international artists from Austria, the Czech Republic, Great Britain, Hungary, the Slovak Republic, Spain, Poland, and Russia have come to the United States to teach and perform.

"A delightfully diverse group of modern, improvised and theatrical dances, much of the work is the result of collaborations between Russian artists and Twin Cities dancers and choreographers, emphasizing the value of that cross-pollination of movement vocabularies and cultures." (Camille LeFevre, Star Tribune)

Cross Cultural Artistic Exchanges and Collaborations

In addition to our festivals, Link Vostok creates reciprocal exchanges between Russian, Eastern European and United States artists. Link Vostok has also actively produced five performance events at the Russian State Art Museum and Kannon Dance and School in St. Petersburg, Russia.